Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - Online restaurant reservations

Online restaurant reservations
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Have you ever made a reservation trough the net?? Well such e-commerce business model is not something new in the overseas but certainly an innovative idea to be implemented in Malaysia itself.

Imagine, you making a reservation in a single click within seconds? It just spells convenience isn’t it?, what else better than being F.O.C (Free of Charge). All you need to do is to click upon the restaurant ,fill in your particulars, number of seats ,time and’s you reservation sir/miss.

I've tried myself by just searching randomly with a keyword "Steaks", pops, here it goes, information on the restaurant just pop out within seconds.Easy,Fast and is certainly a recommending site.
Our neighbour, Singapore is now starting to implement such concept. If you have any chance to be in Singapore,try to make a reservation online.

Though in Malaysia we don’t own site with such services, we shouldn’t be ashamed of as we had site with similar characteristic, which provides food delivery trough the net, reviews on food from hawkers to high end restaurants in Malaysia and listing almost 3000 restaurant in their list. What the site is lacking of is online reservation like OpenTable. Haha, should I make a suggestion to Foodvenue, telling them to include such features? instead of just plainly listing the restaurant's name.


jolynn said...

interesting post. can i know more about it?

Juliana said...


Well in Malaysia,there isn't much site that offers Online reservation
However if you are interested to know more on this topic.
you can always refer to this link

Thanks for you visit!