Friday, June 6, 2008

"Amreek In The House!"

Hey everyone out there this is Amreek kaur.To tell you the truth I hate blogs but this time i could not escape as it is part of my assignment question therefore i can say that this is my very first entry. I am from Pandan Perdana,Cheras and currently a year 3 semester 1 student doing degree in accounting at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, in short UTAR.Basically i travel everyday to UTAR sungai Long campus by public transport as it is cheaper as compare to driving since the petrol price went up by 78sen.

As for my hobbies i enjoy cleaning my house apart from watching movies actually the list goes on and on but to keep it short this are most two preferable hobbies.My favourite animal is dog.This is because dogs are easy to train and look after.

As for the 5 most frequently visited websites:

It is my normal routine to visit this 5 websites which is mainly for communication and knowledge purpose.Basically i use yahoo to check my mails and also for assignment purpose.The friendster website i use it to stay connected with my friends and the UTAR website is used to check results,timetable,announcement and academic calendar.The google website is used to search information and the youtube website to search for music and movies.I think that's all for now from me and hope at the end of this assignment my perception towards blogging would change.

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