Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CatHeRine in the house..!! ^^

halor there..this is CatHeRine here..This is also my very first blogging..keke..Another beginner in the house..keke Xp well, let me to further introduce myself to you guys out there. Firstly, i'm a girl (don tell me you don't know that), who quite blur..or maybe u can consider as easily forget things..i'm borne and stays in Petaling Jaya together with my lovely family members..I got 7 members in my family which consists of parent and 5 sibling..i'm the second elder among sibling..Currently, i'm pursuing Bachelor Of Commerce (Hons) Accounting in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman(UTAR)in Sungai Long Campus.

My favourite colour is purple,pink and orange. i like to write diary..especially when i got "feeling" toward somethings happened around me..thus, my diary book will always stays in my bag..besides that,i like to watch movie especially those touching and funny movie..But its doesn't mean that i don't watch scary movie..i watch that in is just a matter of how frequently..i also like to listen to music like others.other than that, i like to see sky and feel the wind blow as well..(can it be counted..?can be gua..kaka)especially when i was really do "cure" me from any negative feeling..u may want to experience it in somedays..

The top5 website I like to visit are Friendster,Yahoo,Facebook,google and lastly Youtube.

i started to use this since i was pursuing foundation in KTAR in 2006 if not mistaken. i like to visit it because it enables me to stay connect with my dear friends from primary school to university even making new friends throughout the Malaysia.

using yahoo is on the ground of seaching for information,products as well as receive,forward and reply mails to friends.i like to use yahoo as there is no expiry date..

i just started to use facebook since last year,2007. it is because many of my friends are using facebook as well..thus, in order to keep contact with them especially those who further their study abroad.Besides,there are many interesting applications in Facebook such as hugging people,superpoke friends and many more.

i like to visit youtube as it consists of many music video and movie..And, it is operating fastly..
That's all for now..thanks for viewing our blog^^

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