Friday, July 4, 2008

Review:Another spammer gets jailed

SPAM...?CAN i eat it? Well there's a different meaning in the IT world.As far as I know, spam is unsolicited email which is sent in bulk to a large number of email addresses and advertises some product. In other words, it is an email message that you did not ask for and do not want from somebody you do not know, who wants to sell you something. However not all unsolicited email is spam. Why spam cannot be stop? It is simply because it works as it is so cheap to send. By using means ranging from spam-friendly ISPs to ordinary people's computers turned spam-machines, spammers can send their junk inexpensively.

Spammers are bad as they used spam to spread computer viruses, trojan horses or other malicious software for identity theft, advance fee fraud or worse. Thus, spammers who get caught will be fine in huge amount and put into the jail for several years. For instance, Todd Moeller Todd Moeller were sentenced to 27 months jail and fined more than US$180,000 by a New York judge. And, spam king, Robert Alan Soloway might be given a penalty of USD$250,000 fine and maximum of 65 years jail as mentioned in Mr Hen’s blog:

In Soloway’s case, he used computers infected with malicious code to send out millions of junk e-mails since 2003. The computers are called “zombies” because owners typically have no idea their machines have been infected.
He continued his activities even after payment of $7 million to Microsoft and $10 million to the operator of a small Internet service provider in Oklahoma.
Thus, I doubt how much he actually earn from spam business and whether the fine imposed to him adequate to stop him to practice spamming again.
Perhaps, the government need to impose a significant penalty to spammer to refrain from spamming.

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