Friday, June 13, 2008

E-commerce success and its causes

Have you ever heard of VerticalResponse..?VerticalResponses, is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is a leading provider of self-service solutions for email marketing,direct mail services and surveys,empowering businesses of all sizes to create, manage,analyze and send their own direct marketing campaigns in minutes.All these require no technical expertise.VerticalResponse's flagship product, which allows customers to deliver sophisticated yet easily deployed email campaigns.With VerticalResponse companies of any size can quickly and affordably communicate with their valued customers and then track the results in real-time via verticalresponses gadget..They offer a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model so you are not locked into any contracts, monthly minimums or set-up costs. Furthermore they also provide free test driveThus, it is the most intuitive and affordable Web-based direct marketing solution available.They has won the gold prize winner for The Absolute Best in Small Business Award specialised in online marketing this year(2008). It has won by a large margin with more than 66 percent of the vote.

In conclusion,VerticalResponse is success due to following reasons:

  • Feature Set
    Vertical response can ensures your emails are properly delivered whereby you can run a SPAM check and send a test email to yourself before you send it out to your customers. This program will also automatically add an unsubscribe link to the bottom of the email.

    Ease of Use
    Vertical Response has a user-friendly main control center where you can see all the options that are available to create your email campaign. There is a tab to manage your emails, reports, postcards and mailing lists. In addition, this program has a tour that will show you exactly how to use the program before you even start

    Email Campaign Creation
    Through Vertical Response you can create a plain text email message, use a pre-existing template or a freeform where you can upload your HTML page.

    When you start creating your email campaign, the service directs

    you to a page where the creation process is broken up into different steps. These steps make it easier to create your message and navigate the entire process.

    Campaign Reporting
    The reporting section is located on the homepage dashboard. The page includes all the campaigns you have sent. It will show you summary of how many emails were sent, opened, bounced, unsubscribed and display the number of times each link was clicked.
    There is also a report based on the email domain. This shows how many of the emails have been sent, opened, clicked, bounced and unsubscribed by a specific domain name like, and others.

Help and Support
Vertical Response includes a searchable knowledgebase that frequently answered people questions. They also include email, phone and live chat support. The community and blog were interesting and good for some minor tips and tricks.

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